May 17, 2015

5.22.15 - Chicago

5.22.15 - Fizz (3220 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL)
w/ Whales | Mint Mile (solo)
9pm | 18+ | $8-10 | tickets | FB event

screen-printed poster by The Bird Machine

May 16, 2015

SB 150 - 5.23.15


5.23.15 - SB 150! (Century Center parking lot "Main Stage")
w/ Ben Folds + SB Symphony Orchestra | Timbre | Mike Taylor
*we play at 5pm | all-ages | $10-25 | Details Tickets

May 10, 2015

5.15.15 - SBI

5.15.15 - McCormick's Coney Island (125 N.Michigan St. South Bend, IN)
w/ Daikaiju | Heavy Hand | Knife the Symphony | Nonagon
*we play first and start at 9:30pm sharp
doors at 9pm | 21+ | $5 | 
FB event

flyer by Anthony Weber

May 07, 2015

SBSB - 5.7-10.15

*we play Friday, 5.8 at 10pm at Hammes Garage (229 N.Lafayette Blvd. South Bend, IN)
w/ Ratboys | Xoe Wise
Tickets | FB event | FB event for SBSB proper

April 23, 2015

MERCH - new / old shirts; black vinyl

Added the overlord t-shirts that made it back from the West to our Bandcamp. Grab one HERE. They look like a this:
*thx to Whitney Binham of Chung Antique for the pics!

Don't despair if we're out of yr size... we have some more on order (black on black, tho).

Speaking of black - I found 5 copies of Brother's 1st pressing on black vinyl. Grab it HERE if so desired.

I also found some old (like Blessed / Cursed era) shirts / patches that we made from thrift store shirts and spray paint / fabric markers. If you order one of the new shirts, we're happy to throw in something from this batch. They are mostly smallish and sizes are unmarked, so keep that in mind. First come, first serve and just mention if there's a particular item that catches yr fancy.  :)


March 30, 2015


Our West Coast dates start this Friday (4.3.15) in Seattle, and will end at the amazing PRF BBQ West in Oakland / San Fransisco.
Tickets for the the BBQ can be purchased HERE.
All of our West Coast dates (w/ chung antique) can be found HERE w/ links to individual shows. 

poster by Ryan Flowers