April 14, 2014

4.19.14 | Kalamazoo

We have a huge band crush on MINUTES. Because they are geographically challenged (like Josh!), they very rarely play shows. But wait! They are playing this show with the wonderful Stomatopod (Chicago) & Boring People (also Kalamazoo)! Somehow we snaked our way onto the bill! KINDA FREAKING OUT.
Also - it is a benefit for KCAC
Also - MINUTES own Ryan Nelson drew this:

April 06, 2014

April 04, 2014

WNIT - 4.4.14

Tonight! Local peoples can see us (and actor Clint Howard!) on WNIT's Experience Michiana at 7pm. We are also on tonight's Economic Outlook at 8:30pm. See us try not to be awkward! See Garth join in a round-table discussion on economics and the entertainment industry! WEIRD

*non-locals - we'll post a streaming link once it is up.

March 12, 2014


Couple two-tree things coming up:

This Saturday (3.15) - Dinner/music at Kitchen Sink!
*Dinner is sold out, but please join us for musics at 9pm. Billie & Brendan of The Paver will be joining us for part of the set!

Next Thursday, 3.20 - Josh will be playing solo / talking songwriting along w/ Ronnie of Mucca Pazza, Samantha Church, and Sara of Deer Emerson for HOMEROOM's Songwriter Showcase at Columbia College Chicago.

Next month - Friday, 4.25 - w/ Jet W. Lee, Whales, & Like Like The The The Death at Township! 

Details on the DATES page.